How We Help

    To one girl, these people seem to offer hope for more. Her swollen belly indicates she is pregnant. Her clothes and the pallet under the overpass she just vacated indicate she is homeless. She can’t be more than 18 or 19, yet here she is on the streets. She sees the tall gringo in the group and makes a beeline for him, saying, “Take me home with you.” She isn’t a prostitute looking for a client. She is a girl—pregnant, homeless, alone, and desperate not to have a baby right there on the street. She is desperate to get away from the life of dark, dirt and shame that opened like an endless tunnel in front of her and her unborn child.

    The gringo looks at her, at a loss for words. What could he tell her? Could he say they didn’t have a place for her? Could he say they couldn’t help her? He gives her a snack and some juice and prays for her. He also prays silently to be able to meet her needs.

    Brian Miller never forgot that girl. Although he couldn’t help her then, he resolved that next time he would be able to say yes. Moved with compassion by the plea of this one girl in such a bleak situation, so willing to accept help, the ministry began to grow a new branch: helping the homeless pregnant girls of Medellin.

    By the grace of God, we opened the doors to Esther’s Home in December 2019. We can now go the streets and rescue homeless pregnant mothers. We also intercept mothers from abortion clinics and give them the option of living in our home so they can give life to their babies.


Esther’s Home Provides:

Housing for up to:

  • 15 pregnant girls with their babies
  • 12 short term missionaries
  • 2 house mothers

On-site trade skills training for the mothers, and a small community center for the neighborhood, which includes:

  • Classroom with computers for obtaining a GED and skills to become a secretary
  • Three-seat beauty salon providing training to become a beautician
  • Leather shop providing trade skills to work in leather companies
  • Industrial sewing machine classroom providing skills to work in the largest textile city in Colombia

Hands-on Christian therapy, including:

  • Outdoor chapel to minister to spiritual needs
  • Nursery and playground for the kids to facilitate play time, stimulate intelligence, and build relationship with their mothers
  • Group/Individual therapy rooms to minister to the heart and soul to be healed from pain and become free to move forward to accomplish God’s purposes for their lives
  • Flower and vegetable garden so the girls can learn responsibility and see the fruits of their labor


  • Pray that each mother would come to a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • Pray that God would heal the women from all past hurts and that they may truly be a new creation in Him.
  • Pray that the babies would be born healthy and strong without any complications.
  • Pray that we can find great employment opportunities for the girls.
  • Pray that when the girls graduate, they will excel in both their jobs and their lives in Jesus Christ.